The ending of Archer last night tho

How can a show that’s so funny and offensive make me feel so many things

If you wear those glasses that darken into sunglasses when you go outside you really need to reevaluate all your life decisions

A 38-year-old became the first American to win Boston in 31 years

Shalane takes the pace out to lead four women under the course record with no wind

She fades but still runs 2:22

And Ryan Hall remains an idiot

That was a great fucking day

Ugh I’m watching the stream of the marathon and it’s making me so homesick

Also it’s making me really want to run a marathon which is not a feeling I ever thought I’d have.

I’m doing research for a paper and I found a video about coming out released by HRC that uses “Roar” by Katy Perry as its backing music

That’s almost as bad as when the Athlete Ally chapter at my school used “Same Love” for its video

Why must the mainstream gay rights advocacy community be such a parody of itself